Hitech Process

Since1937 the Pichai Fish Sauce Co., Ltd. had its strong commitment for long time in term of quality and cleanliness of the product. The company realized the importance of using the new machine in all production process for getting the highest quality product.

When the fish is received and then mixed with salt. It must be loaded into the fermentation wells as soon as possible in order to maintain the freshness of the fish. The company has its own invented salt mixture machine for cleanliness and fast in mixing process.

With the capacity of 1000 kgs. within 10 minutes in the mixing. This will ensure the freshness of fish before loading into the fermentation wells.

Not only the quality of the finished product, the cleanliness of the bottle is also important. Consumer must be safe for the consumption; therefore the company is using the 80-degree Celsius water for rinsing the bottle. This will eliminate all germs and dirt before bottling.


At the bottling process, fish sauce should not allow to be touched by air for long period of time because it could be contaminated with particles any time. The capacity of bottling machine is 10,000 bottles per hour without any touches by employees.

The important of production process is cleanliness, quality and fast. Next step is printing the production date on the caps. Bottled fish sauce will then be carried on the conveyor belt for sealing with safety seal. This will ensure the cleanliness of the product before opening.

When each bottle is labeled. Packing process of the product is also vital. The packing machine capable to pack the finished product into the carton safely before delivering to the customer.

Every cartons are printed the production date and expiry date to inform the customer for the safety in consumption. It will then carry to the arranging machine to stock in the warehouse and ready for delivery.

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