In the past the Pichai Fish Sauce Co., Ltd. has controlled the quality of fish sauce by using its own experience. Nowadays, consumer has realized and concerned more for the quality product. The company has found out in this importance, by constructing the all-new laboratories to ensure the product is maintained at the standard level and highest quality.

Quality Control in Fish Sauce Production

Being a supreme quality, every production process must be inspected. Raw material (Anchovy fish) is inspected for physical appearance, smell and color as well as more intensive inspection in the laboratory in order to meet the incoming raw material specification. The fish is then mixed with salt and fermented for over 12 months and simulataneously check the quanlity in order to control the fish sauce to be standardized. When the fermentation is completed, the fish sauce derived and then filtered for three stages.
Nutritional qualities of fish sauce (total nitrogen, pH, % salt and relative density) are checked before bottling.

Pure fish sauce is categorized into three classes determined by the total nitrogen content (protein) in fish sauce
The first quality is called "A" grade
The second quality is called "B" grade
The third quality is called "C" grade

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